Rustik® Paint is a water based, ready-to-use, acrylic adulterated, thick grained, matte finish paint specially developed for exterior use.

  • Rustik® Paint is a water based, ready-to-use, acrylic adulterated, thick grained, matte finish paint specially developed for exterior use.

    It is decorative since it offers wide range of colors. By using different techniques, numerous decoration and texture combinations can be obtained.

    Since our product is produced by using high quality silicon additives, it is resistant to different climatic conditions, its color does not fade and it doesn't crack, peel, blister nor moulder. It is resistant to water, humidity and impacts. Since it is produced by using acrylic binder of Swiss Clariant, it completely adheres and corresponds with the surface.

    Its grained texture covers the plaster imperfections like pores, haircracks, etc. It is easily applied. It saves you time and labour.

    It is water-based. It doesn't contain any substances that are harmful for human health and environment. It has a high value of vapour permeability and lets the applied surfaces breathe. It keeps molds, bacterias and microbes away.

    • Plaster, Stucco
    • Gas Concrete
    • Paste Backfilled Surfaces
    • Plastered Surfaces
    • Concrete Surfaces of Prefabricated Buildings
    • Wood, Wallboard, Gypsum Boards
    • Concrete Panels
  • To avoid the water loss of Rustik® and get better adherence to the wall, 1 kg Izole Lak Pure Acrylic Primer should be mixed with 5 lt of water and must be applied to the wall by using brush or paint roller until the surface is saturated. Acrylic Putty must be applied for slight imperfections and Rustik Putty must be applied for subtler imperfections.

    Rustik® must be reduced by using approximately 8% water and it has to be applied as two layers by a regular or lambskin paint roller. Before applying the second layer, Rustik® should be reduced by using about 5% water depending on the thickness of texture layer and the paint is applied by using lambskin paint roller. Then the following procedure is giving texture to the surface by the use of sponge, coral or a new lambskin roller. Rustik® Paint can also be applied by using spraying method.

    The surface becomes dry in 12 hours under the temperature of 20oC and 65% humidity conditons. It takes 36 hours to be resistant to impacts and dry completely.

    For the application of Rustik®, the surface must be stable and solid. So if it is applied in a new construction, four weeks are needed for the hardening of the cement.

    Izole Lak Pure Acrylic Primer: 0.020-0.030 kg/m2
    Rustik® Paint: 0.700-1.500 kg/m2

  • The material must be stored in cool environments and must be prevented against frost. The product must be used within 12 months.

    Rustik® Paint is packaged and introduced to the market as 20 kg poliethylene buckets.

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